I know. It's yet another Kickstarter Project looking for funding for a game that is only operational on the mobile platform. Nonetheless, ZOMBIES, RUN! has a better excuse than most. As it stands, most desktop computers and laptops are incapable of charting your progress when you're out for a jog - never mind how difficult it would be to maintain a decent pace while clinging onto a ginormous CPU!

Jokes aside, ZOMBIES, RUN! is a pretty intriguing concept. You're Runner 5; one of the many people within a zombie-infested world that has been tasked to salvage food and supplies. In order to do so, you'll have to do what the game has been engineered to encourage: run. As you navigate through a variety of missions, you'll slowly unlock a larger story, one delivered through voice recordings and radio messages. On top of that, it looks like there's also a pseudo-resource management game in ZOMBIES, RUN! where you can choose how you might want the supplies you collect distributed.

To assist in the Kickstarter project, you can check out the site here.