It's time for some retro-styled platform puzzling on iPhone and Android! Bloo Kid is the standard 'boy meets girl, girl gets kidnapped by flying cloaked bird thing, boy chases bird thing' story, and it has a great pick up and play feel to it.

On each level, you need to jump on the heads of all the enemies, and then grab the star that appears. This starts off pretty simple as the bad guys simply toddle around, unaware of your pounce of death. Soon, however, they'll start jumping, and then honing in on you, and it gets pretty difficult.

There's an underlying puzzle element to it as well. Enemies don't just spawn randomly, and you'll find that later on it's essential to plan ahead and consider where you're going to land after taking a baddie out, as you may find yourself boxed in otherwise.

Throw in tons of levels, with the promise of more to come, and you've got yourself a pretty neat game. It's $0.99 via the App Store, and free with ads on Android.