I know I've promised to only write about games that you can actually go out, download and play right this minute (or after purchase is processed) but I couldn't resist. Gunpoint looks absolutely glorious. It has hacking. It lets you divebomb into people in order to send both of you flying out of a window. It lets you rewire household electronics so that you can open a door with the help of a light switch (I'm not sure how it works but it sounds fun, anyway). It will let you interrogate people, hold them at gunpoint (one-shot kills for everyone) and bait unsuspecting guards into corners whenever you turn off the lights. It's going to be free. And it might possibly show up in time for Christmas

Have I mentioned it looks mighty fine as well?

A collaborative effort between Tom Francis, John Roberts and Fabian Van Dommelen, Gunpoint has come a long way, it seems. At least, it looks like it has done so from a graphical viewpoint. Still, it's hard to say how the actual game will measure up to the screenshots but I'm going to remain optimistic. As an added bonus, it looks like the developers are open to the idea of people checking out the next prototype so shoot them a mail and you might be able to see the game in action!

Official website can be found here.

The other screenshots as well as the video from March can be found below the cut.