The Binding of Isaac is released today! It's a randomly-generated dungeon crawler that sees you controlling Isaac as he attempts to fight off demons by crying all over them. I've had a few playthroughs, and can report that it's well worth the $5 asking price.

My first playthrough lasted just 10 minutes, after I was killed by a bomb that looked like I was meant to pick it up, but then exploded in my face. Undeterred, I blast through to the fourth floor on my second go, and was killed by a beast of a boss battle. Further attempts didn't yield a winning playthrough either. I will not give up!

I've found that every playthrough up to now has been rather different. The first time, I picked up some pretty crappy items and ended up dying quickly thanks to some terrible combinations of weapons. Other playthroughs were easier thanks to dual-shooting, money grabs and special items. I even found some secret items - there are 49 in total though, so I have a way to go.

The only thing I found a little off was the controls. You move with the keys and aim with the mouse, but since the game is windowed, it means you can see your mouse pointer the whole time, and it's possible to accidentally click outside the game.

The game is about to go live on Steam for PC and Mac, and if any of this has excited you, I have no doubt that you should pick it up. There's 10% off during the launch week too.