Minecraft ... in space? That's how Blockade Runner was billed as on Reddit and I can certainly see why. According to the FAQ segment of the website, Blockade Runner was inspired by the voxel engines behind Minecraft and Infiniminer, something that is rather obvious in the visuals. A Multiplayer First Person Adventure Space Simulation in the making, it looks like Blockade Runner will feature 'fully destructible, operational, crewable living starships' in a procedurally generated galaxy.

As always, I'm both skeptical and optimistic about the whole thing. No matter how you cut it, it's a tall order that the developers are promising. But I'm definitely not going to protest if it all works out. That said, it also helps that Blockade Runner comes with a 'lite' version that will be free and outfitted with most of the full version's features.

Currently available for pre-purchase, Release 1 is scheduled for 2012. You can check out the full details here at the official website. (There's also a free version that you can download right this instant too!)

There are a few other videos for your viewing pleasure below the cut.