I've finally been getting around to playing the Xbox Live Indie Games that were released as part of the Indie Games Summer Uprising promotion, and a stand-out release for me is Speedrunner HD. The name says it all - it's a speed-runner that sees you getting from A to B in the fastest time possible.

The single-player campaign is fine, if a little short, and revolves around you dashing towards bombs and defusing them. However, it's the multiplayer where this game really shines. Up to four players rush around a looping track, with the old Micro Machines mechanic that if one person gets further ahead than all the others, they win the point.

Along the way, players can hit switches and grab power-ups to make the path more difficult for the other players. Each player has three lives, and when you run out of all of them, you're out of there. If the action goes on for too long and no-one is dying, Sudden Death occurs, and a box around the screen starts to get smaller and smaller... it's incredibly tense stuff, and simply amazing to play.

Currently one of my favourite Xbox Live Indie Games - I was playing with friends for hours last night. Hopefully it'll get a port to PC with online multiplayer, because that would sell by the bucketload. If you're looking for a good local multiplayer game, make sure you grab this one.