ags_Bakesale.jpg Well, it's about time! It looks like some AGS folkshave decided to jump onto the 'pay what you will' wagon in their quest to procure another server for the AGS community. According to the forum thread, the 'Bake Sale', as it has been named, will be held sometime mid to late December.

I'm actually really, really excited about the whole thing. Although they only broke the news about the sale today, it looks like a fair number of people are already hard at work producing content for the upcoming bundle - the number of threads dedicated to the Bake Sale is proof enough. On top of that, it looks like interested parties will be able to submit games for the fundraising. You just have to make sure everything is dolled-out in digital icing by December 15th.

Want to know more? Check out the forum thread here. As for those interested in knowing more about the titles that will be part of the upcoming collection, you can check out the games here. Just look for the ones marked 'Bake Sale!"