The Binary is the sequel to Vicious Cycles 2011, BloomEngine's first experiment with minimalism in interactive fiction. Stripped down to its most basic elements and interactions, Vicious Cycles 2011 eschewed text prompts for hyperlinks, complex lexicons for accessibility. It was also very, very slickly-done and if the existence of The Binary is anything to by, rather well-received.

An entry in this year's Interactive Fiction Competition, The Binary will once again have you traversing the time space continuum to ensure that history remains uninterrupted. Much like the first game, The Binary doesn't go out of its way to expound on the reasons behind this. You have a job to do. That's all you need to know. In fact, it's something that your supervisor will stress upon repeatedly. Do not intefrere. Do not do more than you've been asked to do. Of course, it's up to you as to whether or not you'll listen.

Like the original, The Binary boasts of a tightly-written narrative and an interface that is even more fluid than the original. Technical-minded readers interested in developing their own works of hyperlink-based interactive fiction might want to check out Blink!, BloomEngine's custom built javascript engine. It's what for dinner. Okay, maybe not but it is what powers The Binary.

Check out the game here.