There's something absolutely charming about Deirdra Kiai's The Play. Filled with a surprisingly endearing cast, The Play's a light-hearted vignette centered around the dress rehearsal from hell. Well, not exactly but close enough. In this hyperlink-based work of interactive fiction, you'll play as Ainsley Morgan Warrington, the stage director of Nothing's Fair in Art, Love Or War.

Faced with the possibility of never being able to work in your beloved field again, you'll have to ensure that the play turns out brilliantly. This obviously, isn't going to be easy. For one, you don't have a leading lady. You have, instead, an opinionated bit actress serving as her last-minute replacement. You also have less-than-perfect props, a grouch, an inept comedian and a long-suffering stage manager in the mix. Things couldn't possibly get worse, right?

Wrong. Things do get worse. Granted, it's your prerogative as to how much worse they get but they do, nonetheless, get worse. Lines will find themselves being forgotten. Arguments will ignite. It's up to you to ensure that the show does go on. You'll just have to stop giggling first. Funny and all-too-human, The Play's rather easy to empathize with. We'll all suffered through something just as exasperating, after all.

Go check out the game here. It's worth the look.