Do you enjoy the idea of roguelikes but find them too visually unappealing? Enjoy Dungeons of Dredmor but could do with less stats to fret over? If so, you might want to give Red Rogue a whirl. Created by Aaron Steed, one of the brilliant minds working in Nitrome monolith, Red Rogue is probably about as accessible as the genre will ever get.

Described as a 'platformer roguelike', Red Rogue will have you gallivanting through a largely monochromatic series of procedurally generated dungeons. As the titular thief, you're going to do battle against everything from rats to screaming banshees. It's a strange job but someone's got to tear those hearts out of unsuspecting chests.

Outside of the stylish presentation, Red Rogue hasn't exactly brought anything new to the table just yet. However, that doesn't make it any less attractive or strangely entertaining. I also have an uncanny feeling that this is going to keep getting better. A work-in-progress and an IGF 2012 entry, Red Rogue will definitely go interesting places.

You can check out the current build here over here. The developer also has a blog up in TIGsource.