[Update: Article amended with info on extension to the promotional offer from Pixeljam.]

From October 7th to 10th (although it says 9th on the info page), Dino Run SE is available for free on developer Pixeljam's site. Also released for free is Pixeljam's first music album, PIXELJAMS VOLUME 1, which will feature new and old music from the independent studio.

If you played the original Dino Run online, this follow-up to the prehistoric action platformer once again has you controlling a raptor as it attempts to outrun a "pyroclastic wall of doom" while eating plants and smaller animals, hitchhiking on other dinosaurs, and navigating all sorts of obstacles along the way.

This special edition adds fullscreen support, speedruns, multiplayer maps, a multiplayer server available exclusively to SE players, a "Planet D" mode with "strange and challenging levels", and more. Plus, it's something to hold you over while you wait for Pixeljam to release Dino Run's iPhone release.

To get your own copy of Dino Run SE, just click on either the Dino Run SE (or the DinoRubbish Megabundle) link on Pixeljam's Bandcamp page, type in anything for the 'Name your price' field, then click on the 'Checkout Now' or 'Download Now' button. You'll then find a mail with the link to the download page in your email acccount.

[Originally posted on sister site GameSetWatch.]