Anyone who has played The Binding Of Isaac knows that there's a serious amount of content packed in there. Developer Edmund McMillen still isn't satisfied, of course, and is today releasing a big update for the game that will add even more content. He craaazy.

So what do you get for free in this Halloween update? How about a whole new chapter (if you manage to kill mom 10 times (oh God I can't even kill her once)), 3+ new bosses to find, 4 new enemies, 20+ new items, a new unlockable character, a new ending, 6+ new achievements, 2 new music tracks, 4 new tarot cards and an updated collection viewer. Like I said, Edmund is crazy, and this content will no doubt tide many a person over for another good several hours.

The update is coming sometime later today, and is free to anyone who has bought the game or who buys the game in the future. You can still bag the game from Steam for $5.