Is there any better way for an indie dev to end a game drought than by released something called Keyboard Drumset Fucking Werewolf? I mean, it's cactus so it's hardly surprising, but then again, it's cactus. This particular release literally made me say that classic interwebs line 'what the fuck did I just play', and with good reason too.

You are an eskimo, and you end up turning into a werewolf, and there are several different sections of the game, and a pretty disturbing song playing over the top, and honestly, you really just need to play it. The visuals and music are by Fucking Werewolf ASSO, in case you were wondering. Grab at cactus' site.

As if that wasn't enough cactus for you, he just entered Life/Death/Island into the IGF, and has posted a new trailer which you can find just below the cut. We first featured the game over two years ago!