[Update: They have a twitter! Follow their twitter.] Depending on whether you luck out or not, Way can be a surprisingly poignant experience. A two-player platformer crafted by Coco & Co, Way is probably best played co-cooperatively between two strangers because unlike many other games, you'll probably never learn your companion's name. There is neither text nor verbal communication in Way, no means to connect with one another outside of the gestures your respective characters can execute.

In that respect, Way reminds me a lot of Little Big Planet. While you can't currently customize your little bloke's appearance, you can control his arms and his head movements. You can also assign a number of expressions to him, something that can lead into a comical flurry of pantomime at times. This will happen fairly frequently, folks. A lot of your time in Way will be spent guiding your partner along his section of the game; you'll be able to see platforms invisible to them and vice versa. Since there are no alternate means of communication, this is going to result in a lot of frantic flailing.

Sadly, the lobby's all but a ghost town right now but that can be attributed to the fact that Way is still in its infancy. Still, why not get together with your fellow Indiegames Blog readers and check it out? It might bring an unexpected smile to the end of your weekend.

Download the game here.