The full version of Unepic was released earlier this week, and you can buy it now from the developer's site at a minimum price of 6.50 Euro (roughly USD 9). Though a bit on the expensive side, Unepic is a huge game that will take at least couple of days to beat. A lengthy demo (about an hour's worth of exploration to be had from start to end) is also available to download if you're looking to try it out before deciding on a purchase.

Unepic tells the story of a young man named Daniel, who is somehow teleported from the present day to a medieval castle with no clue on how to return back to his own time. His search for answers will lead him further into the labyrinth, encountering monsters and NPCs that could help him on his adventure or supply him with quests to undertake in return for gifts and rewards.

Our initial impressions of Unepic can be found here, and you can grab the game (both demo and full version) from Francisco's site.