Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, and the usual round-up of interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source).

Nicalis: Warez Ikachan, Johnny?
"We announced it earlier this year for DSiWare, but it hasn't materialized since. Well, we've been working only it on-and-off, but mostly off. Simon, who's handled the amazing DSi version of Cave Story is working on Ikachan with Daisuke and myself. However, it's been a slow-moving process because it's not just a straight port."

DIYgamer: Hands-On with VVVVVV 3DS at IndieCade 2011
"Terry mentioned the build was close to finished, with just a few bugs to work out. The persistent map on the bottom screen is just a perfect match as well for exploring the world map area for teleporters and, of course, shiny things. Perhaps most important of all, the original soundtrack by Souleye is there in all of its glory."

Ars Technica: Where the world's best indie games get made
"I contacted independent game studios that I respect and asked them to take a few minutes and a camera and show off their workspaces. Some were enthusiastic, others were hesitant, and many seemed almost ashamed; they all assumed that everyone else had better space in which to create games."

Destructoid: Jeff Rosen of the Humble Indie Bundles Interview
"I was lucky enough to speak to one of the founders of the Humble Indie Bundle, Jeff Rosen of Wolfire Games, about how the idea for the bundle was conceived and what the plans are for the future."

Joystiq: IndieCade 2011, Tom Sennett cares about Deepak Fights Robots
"When Tom Sennett stepped on stage to pick up the Game Design award for Deepak Fights Robots at this year's IndieCade, his entire speech suggested strongly that he doesn't really care. But here's his secret: He actually does."

Joystiq: IndieCade 2011, Molding The Swapper out of clay
"The Swapper is one of IndieCade's most fascinating finalists this year. While the trailer will definitely pique your interest about the title, what's most incredible about this one isn't how it looks or plays. It's how it was made."

In The Games Of Madness: Thoughts on Limbo
"A while ago I played through Limbo for the first time. I thought it was quite an interesting experience for many reasons and been thinking for it on and off. Now that I have collected most of my thoughts on the game I thought it was time to write a little post about it."

Roguelike Radio: Episode 7, 100 Rogues (audio)
"This week we have been playing 100 Rogues, a commercial roguelike by Dinofarm Games, available on iOS and OS/X. Talking this episode are Ido Yehieli, Andrew Doull and John Harris, and we are joined by the lead designer of 100 Rogues, Keith Burgun."