Monsters Ate My Condo is a ridiculously addictive game with an equally outrageous premise: four different monsters have an insatiable hunger for high-rise condominium buildings, and it's up to the player to feed them with pieces from an apartment to keep them calm and content. Each of these monsters are colour-coded, so feeding them with a block that they do not like will only serve to anger them.

To score points, you would have to arrange the coloured blocks so that three or more of the same kind are stacked next to each other. This will cause the blocks to turn into a bronze floor. Match three bronze floors, and you'd get a silver floor. Three silver floors will combine into a gold floor, while a trio of gold blocks will turn into a diamond. You can feed these bonus floors to the monsters instead of the staple coloured blocks, thus triggering their unique super power for a short period of time. The monster's effect lasts longer if the blocks consumed are much more valuable, so it's vital that you don't invoke their special abilities unless absolutely necessary if you want to score high in the game.

Of course, where's the fun without a couple of surprises. Occasionally concrete blocks and explosive floors will be stacked on your apartment, and they can only be removed by creating a three-match just above or below them. Players can also match bad blocks (concrete, explosive, or a mix of both) to create a shiny cat block. Match three shiny cat blocks, and you'll upgrade all special blocks in your condo by one level.

Should your tower appear wobbly, you can also use your finger to move them ever so slightly and attempt to realign them in a relatively straight vertical line. You will lose the game if you allow even a single block to touch the ground (excluding the first piece that supports the entire building).

Monsters Ate My Condo is available to purchase from the App Store for only 99 cents.