I'm not sure but I think I might be slightly obsessed with The Game Bakers' Squids. I haven't been able to put it down. In fact, I don't think I've done anything particularly productive since I made the happy mistake of downloading this iOS title earlier today.

The Escapist probably said it best when they called it the adorable spawn of Angry Birds and Final Fantasy: Tactics. I definitely agree. Squids feels like Crush the Castle except with a generous heaping of RPG elements and a tangible plotline. It's Angry Birds but with more sense and firearms-wielding cephalopods. It's amazingly addictive and something that you should have installed in your iPhone yesterday.

Oddly reminiscent of Sierra's Eco Quest franchise and the Tin Pin minigame in The World Ends With You, Squid plays a lot like Angry Birds. You click on a squid and drag it in the opposite direction of where you want to go. It's that simple. Sort of. Squids takes things a step further by going beyond building demolition. Instead of just smashing down ill-made domiciles, you'll be using your squids for more constructive tasks, tasks like the acquisition of wealth and the extermination of ooze-encrusted marine animals. In between all of that, you'll also have to level up your characters, optimize their equipment and plan the perfect line-up for the game's many missions. Oh, and you'll also have the opportunity to figure out exactly what has been happening to the undersea home of the protagonists.

All said and done, Squids works. It works on so many levels. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact it's one of the few iPhone games out there that successfully straddles between casual gaming and well, not-quite-as-casual gaming. The gameplay isn't heavy enough to feel like a chore but neither is it something you'll download and forget a second later. But enough about what I think! Go pick it up now. If you've enjoyed any of the titles that I've mentioned in this article, you're probably going to love this.

Official website can be found here.