Almost ten years ago, a number of stalwart adventure game fans came together with but one purpose in mind: to 'recapture and recreate the magic' of games from yesterday. They've kept their word. Since they first established themselves, Phoenix Online Studios have released three chapters of their non-commercial fangame The Silver Lining. Dedicated to the notorious King's Quest, the first three installments do a rather brilliant job at capturing the feel of the old Sierra classic.

Because of their track record, I'm more than ready to put my money on the possibility that they're going to deliver on their latest brain child. Entitled Cognition, the upcoming adventure game will star FBI agent Erica Reed, a woman with a tragic past, unusual powers and a sticky situation.

What makes this really exciting is the fact that it won't just be Phoenix Online Studios working on this. They're going to be developing this in tandem with Khaeon Gamestudio, Romano Molenaar and Jane Jensen. Talk about a dream team, eh?

Seriously, though. If you love adventure games and have a few dollars to spare, I highly recommend contributing to the cause. Given their collective track records, I doubt this could possibly go awry.

Official Kickstarter site can be found here.