vibeagainst_190.jpgThe art and sound director of Q-Games' independently financed PlayStation Network title PixelJunk Eden has released two new EPs this weekend. Volumes one and two of Vibes Against Vibes have been published through Baiyon's private netlabel Descanso.

All proceeds from sales of the digital releases, available through iTunes and Beatport, will go to relief efforts in Japan through Montbell's Outdoor GIENTAI initiative.

Vibes Against Vibes seeks to send out good vibrations of expression and altruism, a bulwark against the damage sustained by bad vibrations following this year's Tohoku earthquake and tsunamis. Nor is Baiyon the only game creator lending his efforts. Hip Tanaka.ex, who previously contributed the epic 8-bit retrospective "Hvc-1384" to charity compilation Play For Japan: The Album, teams up with the Kyoto-based DJ on Volume 1's "White Breath Dub."

Also participating is the musician behind the I Am Robot and Proud album series, Shaw-Han Liem. Currently designing the audio tools for Everyday Shooter creator Jonathan Mak's upcoming PlayStation Vita title Sound Shapes, I Am Robot and Proud collaborates with Baiyon on Volume 2's "Madder Red."

Baiyon is currently at work on PixelJunk 4am, Q-Games' DJ simulation software for use with the PlayStation Move peripheral. If you like what you hear on Vibes Against Vibes, Descanso is also responsible for four "In the Collaborations" EPs, available through iTunes.

Shaw-Han Liem and Baiyon during this year's Tokyo Game Show