zomboid.jpgOK, let's tackle this Project Zomboid debacle then. You may have heard that, on Sunday evening, the zombie RPG team's house was broken into, and their computers were stolen - the computers which held the only available versions of the latest Project Zomboid build. Essentially, the robbers had stolen over a month's worth of work.

The gamers of the internet were divided on the news. Some were clearly upset for the devs, and showed support through tweets, forum posts and the like. Others were not so supportive, angry that they had paid $8 and that the devs hadn't put some of that money towards real backup for the game.

It didn't help matters that a couple of the devs became quite emotional about the whole ordeal and, riled by certain comments from gamers, unleashed their 'Screw you' sides. Anyone who has been robbed before knows exactly what they were (and still are) going through, and understands their reaction completely. Unfortunately, under the scrutiny of the internet, a moment of weakness like this can have devastating effects.

However you feel about what happened, the team has pushed through the first layer of gloom and arrived at what it plans to do with the next few months. The next update for the game was due out sometime soon, and they'll still be aiming to get that out asap - however, numerous key features will be missing this time around, as they need to be, you know... developed again.

In the next update, you can expect new NPCs and NPC behaviour, while a few extra bits and pieces will be scattered here and there. The other parts that were meant to be coming, such as a save-on-quit function and a new map, will be coming at a later date.

It sounds very much like, despite the horrible kicking while they were down this weekend, the team is cracking on and will deliver exactly as they promised. At least the whole situation did some good for the indie community - you wouldn't believe how many devs I saw on Twitter buying external hard drives to back up their games!