Yikes, where did this come from? You may remember Rocketbirds: Revolution!, a Flashback-esque platformer for PC and Mac that launched back in 2009. We were aware that a PlayStation 3 version was in the works... and then just like that, it's released and ready for download.

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken features new characters, missions, puzzles, cutscenes and other features. There's even stereoscopic 3D support for you people with more money than sense! For those who missed it the first time, you play a badass chicken - or 'Coq of War' - who must defeat an evil clan who has taken over the city of Albatropolis.

The original was cool as eff see ewe kay, and no doubt this will be too. Boot up your PS3 and check it out via the PlayStation Store.