Robot Loves Kitty enters the 2D platforming foray with its newest title, Tiny Plumbers, which has a playable alpha now available for purchase. The team's previous creation, Neverdaunt:8bit, was an IGF 2011 finalist for technical excellence [thanks, Anonymous!].

As for what kind of design Tiny Plumbers will have, Alix describes it as an ultra low resolution, procedurally generated 2D platformer. From the interactive menu, it appears the game offers single and two player (via split screen) modes, separately from LAN and online modes. Tiny Plumbers often reminds me of brothers of the same profession from the looks of the trailer, albeit more sanguine.

While Tiny Plumbers will cost $10 when complete, the pre-purchase is only $5. Purchasing now includes downloads of the latest working build for Mac and Windows, access to an in-depth development blog, hand drawn concept art, full sprite sheets, wallpapers, and other "Secret Cool Stuff!"

The purchasable access to the Tiny Plumbers alpha is live now.