Here's one from the distant past. The Hapland series is the result of Robin Allen's twisted ingenuity and a rather comical albeit violent set of puzzle games.

For the most part, gameplay will consist of you clicking on various things in the game's world in order to precipitate certain events. Some events will require pin-point precision, others will entail repeated attempts. The objective here is, for the most part, to get your little stick guy where he needs to go. Easy as it sounds, you're probably going to commit mass stick man genocide before you finish this game. There are no guides, no hints, nothing to indicate what you should and should not do. Trial and error will be your only companions here. It's a rather vexing experience but one that is strangely compelling, nonetheless.

I remember spending an inordinate amount of time on this unholy trinity of Flash-based browser games. If you haven't, for some reason, seen them before, you can check out all three games here. Heck, I'm replaying them for nostalgia's sake too.

Play Hapland 1 here.
Play Hapland 2 here.
Play Hapland 3 here.