Originally designed for the Super Friendship Club JUSTICE pageant, Hungry Forest is a quirky little real-time strategy game with an interesting premise. You're some kind of forest god who can only manifest when there is sufficient magic in the world, magic that is derived from vast forests. You don't like human beings very much either, something which is rather understandable given the fact that they seem rather hell bent on obliterating the local ecosystem. As such, you're going to have overrun their little town.

While the new, improved version isn't ready for public consumption just yet, the original iteration is still available for tinkering with. And though it could benefit from a better tutorial, Hungry Forest is rather oddly entertaining. I'm still not sure what's going on half of the time but it is rather satisfying to

Check out the game here. Those interested in keeping tabs on the progress of the game can check out its TIGsource forum thread.