Roadeo is a two-player racing game that presents a rather clever idea: one person can choose to control the car, while the other can decide how the road should be built for his or her friend to drive on. In the versus mode, the player controlling the car has to keep his or her vehicle on the road, while the other person needs to avoid building a track that ends up colliding with a tree or a tall structure.

Both players can collect power-up items and use them on their opponents - oil slicks, falling meteors, fogs, and predestrian crossings all make very interesting obstacles for the car and the road to overcome. There's even a co-operative mode that you and your friend could participate in and grab yellow stars for points. The only downer here is that you can't play Roadeo on your own since it doesn't include an online multiplayer or a versus AI mode.

Roadeo can be found hosted over at Kongregate.