Jonathan "Bidds" Biddle and his team at Curve Studios are at it again with a fast-paced, "tactical espionage arsehole" platformer called Stealth Bastard. The developers are aiming for a hybrid of Metal Gear Solid and Super Meat Boy, as if the two "had a baby out of wedlock. Semi-literally," reads the blog.

Stealth Bastard plays via mouse and keyboard or Xbox controller. Players must reach a hacking station and stand by it vulnerably for a few seconds before opening the exit. Reaching the exit typically involves some reverse traversing, which means doubly avoiding pits, traps, blades, lasers, and robots that clearly don't obey the first law of robotics.

The level editor adds to Stealth Bastard's 28 stages, and players can share, play and rate each other's creations globally. Bidds tells IndieGames that the music was also done in-house. I look forward to competing on the time-based leaderboards and exploring all the music tracks especially, if the trailer is any indication of their quality.

Cruve Studios has a two-win track record for me, with the physics puzzle-platformer Fluidity/Hydroventure on WiiWare, and the retro-styled Windows and PSN platformer Explodemon! My only suggestion for now to keep the fast-paced stealth going would be a controllable slide, instead of only ducking/crawling.

If the challenge of this brutal "hide-em-up" platformer seems appealing, grab the free Stealth Bastard and start playing (or level-sharing) today.