desktopd6a.pngThis weekend, QCF Design unveiled a free, playable HTML5 version of its mega popular rapid-roguelike: Desktop Dungeons. Fan Laurent Vaucher showed QCF Design he was working on an HTML5 version of the team's alpha build. The team responded in kind by sending him the source code of v0.21 of the gauntlet mode for him to flesh out his HTML5 build.

For those new to Desktop Dungeons, it is a permadeath, randomly generated, and turn-based dungeon crawler that has appeared at key events such as Indiecade at E3 2011 and has won the award for Excellence in Design at IGF 2011. The Desktop Dungeons HTML5 version includes a tutorial that quickly orientates the player on the basic movement/exploration, battle, stats, and pretty much everything else that is a staple to the roguelike genre.

However, the enjoyment of the typical roguelike has been distilled to a quick session of pure adrenaline, as players constantly search for enemies to defeat to level up and avoid those insurmountable ones. As is typical of the genre, players won't know what level of enemy they are fighting until they are face to face.

IndieGames spoke with QCF Design early this year and provided details about its must-buy beta build a few months ago. While the basic tenets of the gameplay are present in the HTML5 version, the beta sports a lot more polish on everything.

[Edit: Desktop Dungeons in HTML5 appears playable in most browsers and with mouse, keyboard or touch pad. I had limited access earlier to test the game.]