Collectible card games have been a bit of a life time obsession. Though I'm mostly faithful to Magic: The Gathering, I've flirted with a whole parade of online and offline franchises. Some have been good, others not so good. Cabals: The Card Game, if the beta was any indication of things, looks like it might fall into the first category.

Then again, it could be a notable bias towards the fact that the Cabals is free, supports cross-platform (it'd be available for play on browsers, Android devices and iOS thingies) play, and has Lovecraft-esque aesthetics. Though the core product is free, it looks like they'll be using a freemium model here. Additional cards and various other features will be available for purchase with the in-game currency. Given the precedent that Elements has set, I'm not too bothered by this. Still, we'll see.

Currently, it seems like the mobile versions of the game are undergoing final approval. However, the downloadable version and the browser version are both up and running.

Check it out here.