Visual artist Chris Makris' Fader caught my eye for more than its visual aesthetic. I've seen co-op puzzle/platform games, and I've seen some multi-screen or split-screen variants. However, I haven't played one where both screens are superimposed over each other.

Controls in Fader are restricted to the spacebar and arrows. The player controls both characters simultaneously while trying to avoid pits or traps, solve puzzles, and shoot enemies.

I can follow Fader's gameplay video pretty well. I think that's because of Makris' accomplished artistic skills. He's worked at Powerhead Games, "pushing pixels" for several Nintendo DS and phone projects, such as Async Corp and IGF Best Mobile Game Design winner Glow Artisan.

Fader is currently only working on a PC, but Makris hopes to make the game available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. He's not sure when it will be finished.

A full interview with Chris Makris will be posted on IndieGames later this week. Please leave any questions you'd like Makris to address, so I can make sure the community gets the most out of the interview.