Black Friday is the day after tomorrow, when a lot of humans are really at their prime, waiting in line for hours or days to grab some crazy sales and deploying an any-means-necessary approach to get little Billy his toy train (like the above video). Stores have extended sales to the following Monday, dubbed Cyber Monday, and some have made Black Friday a week-long affair. Fortunately, the downloadable market allows gamers who don't need a tangible copy a safer and quicker way to purchase games this holiday massacre season.

Starting off in terms of volume, Steam's epic Autumn Sale has kicked off. Deep daily discounts are active right now, and 280 indie items are on sale through November 27.

PSN users also have a handful of titles on sale, including Limbo and Might & Magic Clash of Heroes. Those in the giving mood can buy direct from Paradox Interactive, with most of their library at 60% off or more. Their titles are also on Steam, Gamersgate and Amazon. Team Meat has blogged about its long-overdue Super Meat Boy sale on XBLA, now only 400 MS points.

While not Black Friday specific, Humble Bundle currently has Introversion's lineup for whatever people want to pay, and Indie Royale is offering pre-orders to help people avoid a similar Black Friday-esque event happening online when the Really Big Bundle drops.

I'd like to make this a community effort, so if you know of any other deals online, share the love and leave them in the comments below!