Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, and the usual round-up of interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source).

Mersey Remakes: Release
"Imagine you've got a game and it's ready to go. You want to maximise coverage for that game, so you want to pick the very best date you can to release on. But there is no perfect time. There is no absolute right time to release your game."

Games for Change: 'Passing the Ball' of Online Safety, Part One
"Passing the Ball debuted in early October on the GDC Online website and in part one of our interviews to learn more about this project, we spoke with game designer Gregory Weir. We hear more about his previous work, his design style, and how he came to work on this unique project."

PopGamer: Interview With Logan Cunningham, Narrator Of Bastion
"Bastion's most talked about and unique feature is the constant narrative that sucks you in and tells a story in a new way. got a chance to sit down and talk turkey with Logan Cunningham who plays Rucks, the voice behind Bastion."

Dinofarm Games: Why Bundles and Steam Sales Aren't Good for Indies
"Don't we all love crazy Steam sales, the Humble Bundles and their newer ilk? Players get games for cheap, and developers get loads of money! A straight up win-win situation, right? Well, it could be right - but only if you are one of the chosen ones that gets picked by the gate-keepers."

Destructoid: Hitbox Team on the art and design of Dustforce
"I got a chance to talk with Hitbox Team to find out more about their inspirations, the process behind the visual style of Dustforce, and the harder parts of this past year of development."

distractionware: At a Distance launching on December 7th
"At a Distance was made for an exhibition, so I've booked a room in a small London pub for December the 7th, where I'm going to show the finished version of the game one last time before I launch it publically on my website."

Reddit: We are the creators of Sideway, Ask Us Anything
"We are two companies that collaborated to make Sideway NY, but have also launched numerous game, video, entertainment and online projects. We would love to discuss the development process, dealing with publishers, studios and general work life in the games business."

TruePCGaming: Waves Developer Interview
"Robert Hale from Squid In A Box took time out of his day to discuss his great indie title, Waves. You will read about how Waves came about, the successes and failures in development and his take on various topics surrounding the PC gaming industry."