The first ever IndieVisibility End of Year Awards will be given on December 10 at the Camel & Artichoke in Waterloo, starting at 6PM. Attendance is free, but spaces are limited and require advance registration.

The fine people of Rock, Paper, Shotgun and our own Mike Rose, along with some top developers, have crafted interesting awards such as "Best Minecraft" and "Best Placeholder Art" to be given at the event. If free booze is your idea of winning, then just by attending, you will have won!

There are so many awesome London indies, such as Curve Studios (recent Stealth Bastard fame), Omni Systems (Eufloria), Hello Games (Joe Danger), Hand Circus (Rolando) and, of course, Size Five (BAFTA award winner for Privates). I envision the event to be like a Hollywood affair; while not guaranteed, you are bound to grope run into one of these teams.

For more information and updates to the event, follow @danthat on Twitter. As spaces are limited, email Dan at Size Five Games for a free ticket only if you intend to come to the event.