Wild Rooster's Box Cat feels like a catharsis or apology for all those animals that were shamelessly harmed in games such as Frogger. Instead of creatures being run over by cars, cars are being run over by Box Cat.

More specifically, players can smash Box Cat into cars and create a combo effect, hitting traffic head-on by using tilt or touch controls. Box Cat offers a charming looking world to explore, an adventure mode to complete achievements, and a handful of unlockable new Cats. The game also touts a survival mode and a 7-lane rush hour mode.

Box Cat with iCade and JoyPad support is currently $1.99, at 33% off before this Saturday. (I came up with this line about seeing road kill get its revenge, but that sounds more like a Zombie Box Cat spinoff. Here's to Rusty Moyher of Wild Rooster zombifying!)