Jamestown DLC.pngFinal Form Games, developer of shmup Jamestown, seems to be rewriting history with its aptly named Gunpowder, Treason, and Plot DLC planned for a November 10 release. The team earlier teased an announcement for November 5, to commemorate Guy Fawkes Night.

Final Form extends and weaves Jamestown's narrative with this piece of history in its recount of newly introduced character, Percy, who thinks "his friends' plan to assassinate King James I sounds like a fun idea." The teaser page talks of a mission that leads one to speculate a new chapter will be included in the DLC.

Bits of the Jamestown DLC will be revealed everyday until its release. Developer Tim Ambrogi tipped IndieGames by sharing that tomorrow's character is nicknamed "The Seeker." Homing missiles, perhaps?

Those curious to find out more about Jamestown DLC can read about it on Final Form's site. Jamestown for Windows is available on Steam, Direct2Drive, and GamersGate for $9.99.