Eden Industries is seeking assistance for its wave transmitting game, Waveform, via Kickstarter. In it, players control the wave's amplitude and wavelength to line it up with objectives, avoid obstacles, and interact with objects such as portals and other time and space altering/travelling goodness.

I know. I know. Kenta Cho's SIN CAR. While Waveform also involves the manipulation of waves, the game has a good amount of mechanics sprinkled on top of it. Waveform also has some interesting audio talent behind it. Scott McFadyen, whose work includes Punch-Out!!! and Mario Strikers Charged for Wii, is creating the soundtrack, which is given away for a $50 donation.

At the lowest perk, $5 earns not only a PC build, but access to every other platform version (currently lists iOS, Linux, and Android) of Waveform if/when they become available. Those itching to play as soon as the project ends can earn beta access at $10.

Waveform on Kickstarter can be found here.

For those interested in seeing how the game evolved, keep reading!