What was last month part of the Only on PSN campaign, Playbrain's and Fuel Entertainment's 2.5D platformer Sideway New York is now available for Windows machines on Steam at an introductory sale of $8.49. The rescue the girl storyline won't inspire anyone, but the platforming and exploring just might. In addition, players get spray paint power ups that are necessary to traverse or change the game's environment and can be used in earlier stages to get all the hidden items. Thus, Sideway felt a little bit Metroidvania, with local multiplayer as an added option.

Sure, platforming on the sides of a 3D object may look a bit like Bad Pilcrow's Vanessa Saint-Pierre Delacroix & Her Nightmare, but Playbrains and Fuel add more objectives to their episodic game. Sideway involves a lot of exploration, and I had fun whenever I realized I had to approach the face of the cube differently to literally shift the platforming perspective.

I actually played Sideway New York on PSN last month and enjoyed it overall for its visual charm and platforming and object finding gameplay. The music on the PSN version could use some work (awkward pauses between tracks and a lack of variety), but I have not played the Steam version of Sideway to know if that's changed. The gameplay alone compelled me to complete the game.

Sideway New York is the second game to join Steam from the Only On PSN promotion. Recently, Recoil Games released its action/platform puzzler, Rochard, on Steam, as well. Now that these two are on Windows, do they have any more IndieGames fans?

[Sideway New York on Steam]