Puzzle platformer and 2009 IGF Student Showcase Finalist Where is My Heart? from Die Gute Fabrik has released in EU and US territories for PlayStation Network (and as a Mini) this month. The game revolves around a family of three monsters who must find their tree home, with every stage's goal being to retrieve hearts to open up the exit. As the video shows, the developer has split the traditional 2D space into pieces and jumbled them randomly.

Where is My Heart? is appealing to look at and refreshing to play for any lover of platforming. The game is $6.99 and free for PlayStation Plus users. Now, that's a perk!

Those who want to hear more about the gameplay and my humble suggestions after beating the game, continue reading.

Players stack up on each other to reach higher places or transform on special markers. Each of the three characters has a unique transformation: the deer-like creature yields a double jump, the vampire reveals hidden platforms, and the angel-cube warps to other areas by means of rotating the stage.

A few stages have a switch that changes the landscape. Other stages have platforms players have to fill in by bumping their heads on heart blocks. The floating hearts players find are lost one at a time as the player dies in the level, adding a replay element to the game.

I enjoyed playing through all 26 levels of Where is my Heart?, despite losing about half the hearts I retrieved. The only slightly frustrating experience was using the rotation ability, which probably is due to my being spatially unaware. I was tempted to play through the game again, but there was no level select. If a future update allows one to select levels, I hope it will also tell the player how many hearts were earned in each level.