Remar Games' arena shooter Hyper Princess Pitch is headed to Windows 98 through 7 systems on December 1 for free.

One of the biggest commercial holidays is coming, and Mecha Santa is revving up production for another big delivery. However, Princess Pitch may have been naughty one too many times, resulting in an utter lack of presents. As any angsty character should, Pitch seems to have gone postal and intends to shoot up everything at Santa's HQ.

Pitch was the sidekick in Daniel Remar's earlier Garden Gnome Carnage, and Hyper Princess Pitch itself is a total remake of DOS Operation: Carnage, says the developer. Hyper's top-down arena action and especially the UI are definitely a nod to DOS.

The trailer hints at some great tunes courtesy of Niklas Ström. The bosses look to have more bullet spray similar to Cannon Spike.

I particularly enjoyed the piledrivers and the nod to my favorite Guilty Gear character, Potemkin: "Princess buster!"

[Thanks, jeb_!]