In spite of what I've said about indie MMOs over the last year or so, the truth is that I secretly want them to succeed. The ideas that they harbor? Spectacular. Most of them, at any rate. The Missing Ink is a work-in-progress captained by a Brighton-based team. Designed to be a multi-platform delight (your Android friends will be able to take on your PC cousins). The Missing Ink is a nice twist on the traditional concept of fantasy and fairy tales. The Emperor's new clothes are quite missing. The damsel in distress is not particularly distressed and the big bad wolf may soon find himself with a case of indigestion.

For the most part, it reminds me a lot of your traditional MMO. There are quests to pursue and dungeons to explore. In addition to that, however, there's also virtual environments and worlds to create and share with your friends. How this is going to pan out is still a mystery but you can certain we'll keep you informed.Scheduled for beta in early 2012, the game will enter open alpha sometime in Mid-December.

Official website here.

(Source: DIYgamer)