Much like zombies, tower defense looks like it's here to stay. We've seen a prodigious amount of tower defense titles recently and it looks as though the trend isn't going to let up anytime soon. Then again, I'm not complaining. I'm also not going to complain if Tower Wars, a competitive online multiplayer real-time strategy game, gets finished early. In spite of its pedestrian-sounding name, Tower Wars looks like it's poised to be amazing. With its steampunk-inspired aesthetics and unique sense of humor, I have a feeling that Tower Wars is going to fit more than one person's description of 'day one purchase'.

I'm especially impressed with our first glimpse of the game. For something so early in the development process, it looks mighty fine. But don't make my word for it. Check out the video above. When you're done, you can take a gander at the second sneak peek after the cut too.

Official website here. More information will be forthcoming.