Stephen Lavelle (aka Increpare), the creator behind many of IndieGames' browser and freeware game picks such as line bender, untris, and Home, has just released abstract 3D puzzler English Country Tune. The main goal of the first map, Larva, teaches the basics of the first world: flip a square across a 3D board to knock orange spheres (larvae) into incubators. Some stages also have end points to reach. The advanced larva map beings by adding 3D levels that move a bit with the player.

The larvae are special in that they simulate gravity and fall relative to how they are pushed. This becomes quite the challenge when the square must flip around various sides of the 3D stage to hit the larvae in the right direction. Players control the square with the directional arrows and can pan around the environment holding shift and using the arrows.

In my short time with English Country Tune on the PC and now on the iPad, I am already addicted to the spatial puzzles (of which I am no master). The full game seems to offer many different puzzles, as the world unlocked after Larva introduces pushing a whale character off the screen. Moving the whale is a great challenge; one almost herds it indirectly by moving along its different axes.

The game is available now for iPhone 3GS or above and iPad on iTunes for $4.99. Windows and Mac owners can purchase English Country Tunes for $9.99 using PayPal, Amazon, or Google payments. Those with trepidation can try a Windows or Mac demo first.