It looks like Christmas is truly a time for giving. The developers of Bastion have apparently had a change of heart in regards to their policy on DLCs. In honor of the season, Super Giant Games will be revealing the Stranger's Dream DLC on the 14th of December.

In the upcoming DLC, we'll have a fully narrated 'Who Knows Where' sequence that is 'bigger and more challenging' than the others. More importantly, we'll also be getting greater insight on rucks' backstory as well as the history of Caelondia. There will also be two new game modes called 'Score Attack Mode' and 'No-Sweat Mode'. The latter will be a bit of a god sent to those who want to experience the story but have little aptitude for the combat system.

And the best part of this? The Stranger's Dream DLC is quite, quite free.

Details here.