Robots cant think.jpg

Duplicator developer Z3lf creates another fun distraction of the puzzle platformer nature with Robots Can't Think. While the robot can't think, it can jump, climb walls and ceilings, time warp, and translocate. The last two abilities are crucial in solving puzzles in that the warping allows the robot to avoid touching harmful objects and the translocating allows it to carry the all-important puzzle solving box to get to places it otherwise cannot.

Whether you want the game to, the mysterious entity recording the whole event will rewind your mistake automatically to an earlier point. While mostly helpful, sometimes a stage's puzzle became unsolvable, and I wanted to die quickly to "reset" instead of using my mouse.

Beyond the news crawler, bits of the game's story are teased every few stages, though the ending wasn't all that satisfying. Looking at the spoiler-full walkthrough, I realize I gave up on the game at the last 10 seconds. But I enjoyed it practically until the end!

Play Robots Can't Think on JayIsGames, Kongregate, or Newgrounds today.