Zander Milroy and Tim Dresser of Monosynth Games have crafted a clever puzzler in Coins, made recently playable via Kongregate after being on the Blackberry, Android, and iTunes market for several months.

The basic tenet is to place coins in the outlined area in a set number of moves. At first, a coin can only be moved to a place where it touches two other coins. Upon reaching the third set of levels, another colored coin is introduced with another rule: a coin can only move to a spot where it touches coins of each color.

Coin's puzzles increase in difficulty gradually. While they may be solved on the first few tries, finding the fewest moves will probably prove a more challenging task. The paid mobile versions are said to offer 20 more levels.

The browser based version of Coins provided a pleasantly and engagingly frustrating hour or so of puzzle solving that deviated far from the typical match-three formula. The presentation is kept visually simple and aurally ambient.

Those hesitant to purchase can sample Monosynth's Coins on Kongregate first. The full game can be purchased for $0.99 for Blackberry, Android, and iOS.