You're ready to have your brain battered around on a Monday morning, right? Craequ is Jonathan Whiting's (Collateral, Stalwart) Ludum Dare 22 entry, and it's a bit brilliant. The protagonist is stuck in a world full of blocks that have strange symbols on them, and must shift the blocks around to explore the adjoining rooms.

Working out exactly how it all fits together is your first task - I'm not going to spoil it for you here, but it does take a few minutes to understand exactly what is going on, and what is required of you. Once you've got that down, Craequ reveals itself to be incredibly clever, with a puzzle mechanic that works so well - it's got a little bit of Continuity to it, although it's far more complicated and rewarding than that.

Made in 48 hours too! Jonathan, you are a machine. Get this played.