Remember what it was like being young and awkward in college? There you are, standing with a drink in hand as you scour the crowd for a likable face. You find one and address them in conversation, hoping perhaps to net some form of affection from the other party. You stammer helplessly, fumbling for words and alcohol. You talk for a while. Then, at some point, you go for a kiss only to have them flee a moment later.

If you needed a recap on what that was like, you should probably check out Radstrononimical's Ultimate Flirt-Off. Unlike most games that revolve around human mating habits, Ultimate Flirt-Off is focused on the ungainliness of the process. Essentially a quick-time response game, Ultimate Flirt-Off will have you choosing a gender for yourself and the object of your desire before dropping you into the middle of a conversation. There, you will have to select words in order to construct coherent sentences. Much like in real life, a drink of your beer will allow you to stall for time. It will also cause you to slur even more. Realistic, eh?

Overall, Ultimate Flirt-Off is a simple yet interesting experience that will likely have you cringing in remembrance and snickering occasionally to yourself. You can check it out here.