In an attempt to break from the pattern established since two years ago, the Experimental Gameplay Project has announced a new competition with real cash prizes to be won. Called 'The 5 Buttons Competition', the top three winners of the contest will receive 1200€, 600€ and 200€ for their entries respectively. Participants will have to submit a game that runs on just five buttons, and the best submissions will be put on display at the Stattbad Gallery in Berlin, Germany for attendees to play this coming February 17th, 2012.

The competition is organized together with 02L > Outside Standing Level, and they are borrowing one of their projects, the Unità Zero, for exhibition use on that day. The Unità Zero platform is basically a projector system with huge speakers and five giant pressure pads hooked up to it, hence the theme of the competition.

The final day to submit your entry is January 31st next year, so you have plenty of time to come up with an original idea or two and participate in this unique exhibition event. More information about the contest rules, venue, sponsors and the Unità Zero project itself can be found at the Experimental Gameplay Project's site.