'Tis the season to create freeware and browser games with a twisted holiday theme, and Neon Lights developer Niall Moody does not disappoint. Players take control of a rainbow space donkey trying to make his way back to his herd while avoiding murderous evil Santas who apparently want to punch it in the nose.

The game boasts "Newtonian physics, a Binding of Isaac-style item system, and a couple of secret things." Moody adds to the holiday spirit by providing the game for free and making it open source... in case you want to learn about what makes rainbow space donkeys fly.

The music is festive but nothing I found addictive, and the controls are a little rough (I believe I just use the space and directional keys, with "K" revealing the hit boxes). If nothing else, check out that donkey propulsion that doubles as a weapon. Excuse the bad pun, but that's quite the arsenal! Expelled from the donkey's flaming arse is also a trail of deadly rainbow stars that harm evil Santa that happens in their way.

Rainbow Space Donkey Escape is now available for download for Windows, Mac, and Linux.