temping.jpgToday's collection of independent game links includes more indie game news, interviews, and developer announcements from around the 'net. (image source)

RGCD: Zooming Secretary (NES)
"Shiru and PinWizz have somehow taken the combination of phone answering, filing and a variety of office stereotypes and lovingly moulded them in to an excellent arcade title for the NES/Famicom. Underpaid and overworked office minions of the world, Zooming Secretary is a game written for you."

IGDA: IndieSpective: The Indie Difference
"Nothing contributes more to diversity and creativity in a game than diversity and creativity in a game studio. In America, it is sometimes hard to see a great deal of diversity in the typical game studio. Partly because of the dominant Caucasian culture and partly because of the historical male population of gamers, game studios in America tend to attract white males."

Cribzero blog: Echo Space Released on Xbox 360
"Echo Space, like Super Symmetry, is a top-down space shooter that involves strategic use of a deployable drone."

Gamasutra: Antipole Coming to Europe on the Nintendo DSiWare Service
"[Saturnine Games'] Antipole is a fast paced, action packed side scrolling adventure equipping players with the power to alter the world around them by reversing gravity."

DIY Gamer: Two Minor Indie Game Bundles from Groupees
[The two bundles discussed are the Digital Arrow & Gareth Coker bundle and the Ludosity Bundle, with Bob Came in Pieces and Ittle Dew.]

Joystiq: Fez rated in Europe, the four-year wait is almost over
"Fez is finally showing signs of imminent birth, with this being the equivalent of "water breaking," as Europe's PEGI board recently classified the game for Xbox Live."

Icon Games: Our Vita Development Experiences Part One
"Steve has done such an incredible job with the Vita engine so far. It looks wonderful - finally after years of Wii & PSP development I have proper pixel shaders, normal maps, real-time shadows, bloom, reflections and other effects."